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WELLModelR by AsphWax

Asphaltene Deposition Simulator

The WELLModelR is state of the art technology for simulating deposition of asphaltenes in tubings.  The WELLModelR can do everything the FLOWModelR does, however, with simultaneous asphaltene deposition. Asphaltene deposition is an unsteady state situation, i.e., asphaltene build-up. Hence, the WELLModelR simulator runs slower in asphaltene deposition mode because it requires at every pipe segment and time step fully compositional asphaltene phase behavior and asphaltene deposition calculations. The temperature, pressure, phase behavior, asphaltene deposit thickness, and hydraulics change continuously along the tubing length with asphaltene deposition, hence, the simulation is unsteady state.

The WELLModelR uses the most advanced concepts, theories, and equations to model the momentum, heat, and mass transfer phenomena that are occurring during transportation of multiphase hydrocarbon systems under conditions that favor wax crystallization and deposition. The model uses compositional versions of the Beggs and Brill, ORKISZEWSKI, and FLANAGAN-DUKLER correlations developed by AsphWax. The WELLModelR has been developed by AsphWax after extensive 20 year research.


An example calculation of the WELLModelR for a 3.5-inch OD (2.92-inch ID) 12000 feet tubing is shown below.

For a PowerPoint presentation on the WELLModelR giving additional details about the approach and theory, click the link below:

WELLModelR PowerPoint Presentation

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