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Wax Phase Behavior Study


Develop a PARA fluid characterization capable of simulating the PVT and Wax phase behavior of a hydrocarbon fluid. This study is a precursor to the Wax Deposition Study.


A Wax Phase Behavior Study involves a sequence of tests and computer simulation leading to the development of a PVT-tuned PARA (Paraffin-Aromatic-Resin-Asphaltene) EOS fluid characterization and simulation of the fluid's WDE (wax deposition envelope) and Oil Gelling Envelope (OGE). The flowcharts below give a summary of the steps required to:


  • Obtain representative bottom-hole fluid samples


  • Perform PARA (Paraffin-Aromatic-Resin-Asphaltene) Analysis, PVT Study, and Flow Assurance Diagnostic Study


  • Develop a PVT-tuned PARA EOS fluid characterization


  • Simulate the fluid's P-T Diagram


  • Tune wax phase behavior model


  • Simulate the fluid's WDE


  • Simulate the fluid's Oil Gelling Envelope (OGE)

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