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Flow Assurance Software-Models

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AsphWax provides internet leases and site licenses of state-of-the-art simulators or models to enable the petroleum exploration and production industry perform in-house hydraulic and thermal simulations with and without asphaltene and wax deposition and hydrate formation to design new or monitor the performance of existing onshore and/or offshore oil and gas facilities. The software enables AsphWax clients to evaluate insulation, pigging, hydrate inhibitor, and wax/asphaltene inhibitor requirements. The models are also capable of evaluating asphaltene-induced formation damage and asphaltene deposition in well tubings.


AsphWax computer models are capable of simulating phase behavior, multiphase hydraulics, and heat transfer, all with and without wax crystallization and asphaltene flocculation and deposition in the reservoir and subsurface & surface facilities.




Equation of State Model of Reservoir Fluids

Thermodynamic-Colloidal Model of Asphaltenes

Thermodynamic-Molecular Model of Waxes




Multiphase Wax Deposition Simulator

Formation Damage Simulator

Asphaltene Deposition Simulator

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All AsphWax Software:

Are available in our unique quarterly and yearly single-user and corporate internet licenses. The simulators run on our server machines on the internet. To see a picture of AsphWax's servers click the link: View Servers


Are available in site single-user and corporate licenses. The software is provided for download or a CD and can be accessed remotely globally. License extension can be made via telephone.


Run in Windows PC operating systems up to Windows 8.1.

Software Note:

Do not pay large amounts of money and tie-down yourself and your company to asphaltene and wax simulator packages offered from companies with tremendous overhead. AsphWax's simulators are fully compositional, extremely accurate, and very economical. The key to using AsphWax's simulators is development of a representative "PARA EOS Fluid Characterization" for your fluid. AsphWax will be with you all the way when developing input files for each simulator. The "PARA EOS Fluid Characterization" process is also covered in detail in all four professional courses AsphWax gives twice a year. So take the first step and contact AsphWax to obtain your sample input file(s) to get started with a free one-week trial internet license.

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