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Getting Dr. Wax involved simply makes sense

A very important service AsphWax offers, especially to Gulf of Mexico clients, is expert advise and assistance with respect to sampling, sample handling, and fluid analysis. If you are drilling a well, AsphWax will help you design and carry out your complete sampling, sample handling, and fluid analysis. Call AsphWax today at 281-568-8444 for a direct conversation with Dr. Wax about your sampling, sample handling, and fluid analysis needs. Dr. Wax will guide you through your entire sampling, sample handling, and fluid analysis process and clarify everything taking place. Dr. Wax will help you define your scope of work and help you do only what is necessary to decipher flow assurance issues and thus eliminate test duplication, which is a very usual occurrence.

Dr. Wax will save you enough money to more than cover his compensation. Getting Dr. Wax involved simply makes sense. It is a win-win situation. Call him today at 281-568-8444 or email him at drwax@asphwax.com

AsphWax Unparalleled Money-Back Guarantee:

AsphWax is so confident of the reliability of its technical consulting and laboratory asphaltene and wax diagnostic testing and simulation technology that it makes the following unequivocal money-back guarantee: "in the very unlikely event that AsphWax fails to diagnose the correct asphaltene and/or wax problem and make the correct recommendations, provided that the client follows AsphWax's sampling, testing, and simulation recommended procedures, it will refund all money it received as compensation for the failed services."

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