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FLOWModelR by AsphWax

Wax Deposition Simulator

  • Uses predictive portion of the EOSModelR to simulate the gas-liquid-water phase behavior of the fluid along the flow conduit.
  • Utilizes AsphWax-derived compositional versions of the following multi-phase models:
    • Beggs, H.D. and Brill, J.P.,"A Study of Two-Phase Flow in Inclined Pipes", JPT (May 1973), 607-617
    • Orkiszewski Vertical Correlation
    • Flanagan-Dukler Horizontal Correlation
  • Can be used in:
    • Steady state mode to calculate hydraulics and thermal behavior at a given flow rate
    • Unsteady state mode to determine pressure and temperature profile against a closed valve at the host.
  • The FLOWModelR can simulate single multi-phase pipelines and complicated pipeline networks in “Steady State”.

The FLOWModelR is also capable of simulating wax deposition from multiphase systems under many field operating scenarios, such as onshore or offshore, vertical or horizontal, insulated or not insulated, etc. It is noted that wax deposition is an unsteady state situation, i.e., wax build-up. Hence, the FLOWModelR simulator runs slower in wax deposition mode because at every pipe segment and time step it performs fully compositional wax phase behavior and wax deposition calculations. The temperature, pressure, phase behavior, wax deposit thickness, and hydraulics change continuously along the pipeline length with wax deposition, hence, the simulation is unsteady state.

The FLOWModelR uses the most advanced concepts, theories, and equations to model the momentum, heat, and mass transfer phenomena that are occurring during transportation of multiphase hydrocarbon systems under conditions that favor wax crystallization and deposition. The wax deposition module of the FLOWModelR has been developed by AsphWax after extensive 20 year research.

For a PowerPoint presentation on the FLOWModelR giving additional details about the approach and theory, click the link below:

FLOWModelR PowerPoint Presentation

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