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FDModelR by AsphWax

Asphaltene-Induced Formation Damage Simulator

The FDModelR is a near-wellbore organic formation damage simulator. The model utilizes a rather simple, yet realistic way to model asphaltene-induced near-well formation damage caused by blockage of pore throats by asphaltene particles. Both macroscopic and microscopic concepts are used to represent the pore throat blockages. The FDModelR requires as input the asphaltene particle size distribution (psd) of the reservoir fluid as a function of the thermodynamics of the system. The TCModelR is an asphaltene phase behavior model capable of calculating asphaltene psd's that was utilized for the calculations shown below. The FDModelR has also history-matching capability to tune to existing well production data.

The basic situation simulated by the FDModelR is depicted in the figure below.

Examples of the FDModelR output, after 500 hours of production have elapsed, are shown below.

The undamaged and damaged pressure profiles:

The permeability and porosity profiles in the asphaltene-damaged region calculated with the FDModelR:

The Van Everdingen-Hurst skin factor profile calculated with the FDModelR:

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