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Flow Assurance Courses

AsphWax offers four State-of-the-art Professional Flow Assurance Courses:

  • Flow Assurance (2 Days)
  • Fluid Characterization for Flow Assurance (3 Days)
  • Wax Flow Assurance Modeling (2 Days)
  • Asphaltene Flow Assurance Modeling (2 Days)


Above Professional Courses:

  • Are taught by Dr. Kosta J. Leontaritis at the state-of-the-art  AsphWax Professional Facilities
  • Follow easy to read manual
  • Can be taught in-house at client facilities by Dr. Kosta J. Leontaritis
  • Require 2 months minimum lead scheduling time for in-house lecture


The following courses are currently scheduled:


July 30-31, 2018:

Flow Assurance Training, Sep 10-11, 2018


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